Dakk Whitewings (darkk01) wrote in furrytattoos,
Dakk Whitewings

Exotix Tattoos Toronto Ontario


This post is for those that may have visited, had work done, or just knew the Staff at Exotix Tattoos in Toronto, Ontario.

Bryant has passed away.

There will be a wake held at the "RYE & RAM Pub"; Monday October 5th @ Ryerson University.

Donations for Sick Kids hospital will be collected by his parents to be donated in his name.

Sorry for the downer post, and thank you for your time.

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I got my piercing there, way back in 2005. They probably have no idea who I am, but pass along my condelances, please.
We just had an artist pass away across the street from the studio I apprenticed. She was a great artist, and I was pretty bummed.

Sorry to hear the industry has lost yet another. :(