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Started my Sleeve.

I started my sleeve today. This was just a 2 hour sitting.

I got my appointment on Friday wtih Paul at Black Lotus Body Art, and was so stoked. This is the start of my full sleeve. We managed to get all the outline done on the polar bear in this sitting and he started on some colour simply because he had the time to fit it in.

The line work is sick, it is sooo good.. I can't wait for the rest, but I guess I will have to seeing as this is going to be a year long process.

I am so pleased with it, I knew I made the right choice, and I have total confidence that this will be an amazing tattoo. We next colour the bear after this heals up.

Catch you later!

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Now that's an awesome tattoo!!
Thank you! We decided to cut it there because he was trying to figure out the best way to colour the bear. He is going to be purple, so we want to get the right fade.


Deleted comment

Thank you for the complement. I really do like it even though it is only 3 hours old.

I will be sure to post photos every step of the way. It will kinda be a slow reveal seeing as it will take the better part of a year to complete it :D

I'll agree, that's some pretty sick line work! That's going to be an amazing work of art when it's done.
Thank you. I can't wait to show more progress. I am already getting excited for the next couple hours in the chair!


Deleted comment

Thanks! I hope you can get in the chair soon. No one should be deprived of ink for to long :D