Tate (unabsumdei) wrote in furrytattoos,

New guy

Hi, i'm demens and live in Houston. Been in the furry fandom for about 9 years now (will be 25 in July), and I have wanted a tattoo since I was 7/8 when I saw my first one. Finally got some work done (behind cut) and spent over the course of 3 weeks a combined total of 14 hours in the chair... I'm really looking at getting more done, since ink is a disease with no cure. Anyways, it is f'n cool that this community exists, and I hope to have more pics of new stuff for you guys shortly!

My arm was very swollen after about 4 hours in the chair finishing up some of the fine detail... and laying flat holding my cat sideways against my stomach ftw, lol. This is the half-sleeve on my arm... I bet you can't guess where my centerpiece on my shoulder came from XD

Anyways, here is the meaning and pics:

On front, the warrior. Warriors become...

... Gods, gods cause... [shoulder]

... Death, and death brings... [back of arm]

... new life [under arm] which makes new warriors.

I hope you guys liked it!
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